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how conflict minerals funded a war that killed millions

the money that helped prolong the suffering of mburano and his countrymen flowed from the likes of you me and just about anyone else who bought a pc phone or electronic gadget in recent memory. inside many of these electronic devices are components that began life

how conflict minerals funded a war that killed millions

how conflict minerals funded a war that killed millions and why tech giants are finally cleaning up their act. by nick heath on march 31 2014

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japan recycles rare earth minerals from used electronics

oct 05 2010· japan recycles minerals from used electronics.they are rareearth elements and other minerals that are crucial to many japanese technologies and have so far come almost exclusively from china the global leader in rare earth mining. recent problems with chinese supplies of rare earths have sent japanese traders and companies in search of alternative sources creating opportunities for

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may 27 2013· the electrogenic properties of electric rays have been known since antiquity. the ancient greeks used electric rays to numb the pain of childbirth and operations. [2] in his dialogue meno plato has the character meno accuse socrates of "stunning" people with his puzzling questions

conflict minerals

conflict minerals include tantalum tin tungsten and gold which are used in many electronic components and computer products. as a global valueadded distributor of electronic components and embedded subsystems avnet promotes the traceability of these minerals and the transparency of the supply chain.

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silver gold recovery from computers ewaste

how to recover gold from computer parts and other electronic scrap. we provide training for gold silver palladium & platinum recovery from electronic scrap/ewaste and catalytic converters etc. through very easy and environmentfriendly methods to those who want to start this profitable business both on small and big scale.

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although by no means consigned to a specific region the trade of conflict minerals has most prominently been a problem within the democratic republic of congo drc and surrounding territories. in the electronics industry the term normally relates to the four most commonly minedand usedresources. those are: gold; tantalum; tin; tungsten

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siliconexpert provides the latest conflict minerals data bringing you reports on the origin of tintantalum gold and tungsten in components as well as their conflict mineral status. siliconexpert's database has conflict minerals compliance documentation on over 1200 manufacturers and growing as of august 2013.

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electronic components industry association statement on conflict minerals supplier conflict minerals statements select a supplier below statements can be found in the environment resources section

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solid state inc. is an electronic components distributor and supplier offering a broad line of products for your production needs.

conflict minerals and the electronics supply chain

conflict minerals and the electronics supply chain.the conflict minerals requirement was enacted as an addon amendment/section to the doddfrank wall street reform and consumer protection act. the conventional way would have been to form a congressional committee hold public hearings to get input from affected parties and then create a standalone conflict minerals law for a congressional vote.

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minerals electronic parts

sbm minerals electronic parts : mfl mineral processing part of 15 jan 2013crusher and electric system were supplied by mfl control system conveyor belts chutes and screens were provided by .

conflict resourcewikipedia

the recent debate concerning conflict minerals illustrates the importance of social and human rights issues in supply chain management practice as well as the emerging need to react to social conflicts. conflict minerals are processed in many different components throughout various industries and hence have a high overall impact on business.

conflict resourcewikipedia

conflict minerals.columbitetantalite or coltan the colloquial african term is the metal ore from which the element tantalum is extracted. tantalum is used primarily for the production of tantalum capacitors particularly for applications requiring high performance a small compact format and high reliability

counterfeit parts and conflict minerals

counterfeit parts and conflict minerals david scrimshire managing director of tec transnational explains why counterfeit parts and conflict minerals pose a clear danger in many manufacturing sectors and outlines practical quality management system strategies to minimise this risk counterfeiting in the aerospace defence and automotive

reerare earth elementsmetals minerals mining uses

rare earth elements are a group of seventeen chemical elements that occur together in the periodic table see image. the group consists of yttrium and the 15 lanthanide elements lanthanum cerium praseodymium neodymium promethium samarium europium gadolinium terbium dysprosium holmium erbium

raw materials used in the manufacture ofsciencing

raw materials used in the manufacture of electronic components metals. copper is often used for its excellent conductivity and malleabilityplastics and other petroleumbased materials.minerals and nonmetallic materials. siliconconsidered a metalloidother materials. ceramics are

comment: replacing conflict minerals in the electronics

one of the more problematic aspects of electronic component production is its dependence on sourcing conflict minerals. these scarce minerals such as tin tungsten and tantalum are both rare and difficult to extract. but production in small concentrations can be lucrative for african states.

minerals & electronicsmineral commodities & you

minerals & electronics.coltan is a metallic ore composed of niobium and tantalum. coltan is refined into metallic tantalum which with its unique capacitor properties is then used in computers cell phones video game consoles gps video cameras and other microelectrical circuits. found in

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comprised of a broad array of leaders and professionals representing all phases of the electronics components supply chain ecia is where business optimization product authentication and industry advocacy come together. ecia members develop industry guidelines and technical standards as well as generate critical business intelligence.

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technology is advancing so fast that the demand for electronics is outpacing availability. siliconexpert offers obsolescence management solutions that provide sophisticated and uptotheminute data about your components availability.