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choosing the right grease thickening system: non soap thickeners

dec 9 2015 . there are several non soap thickeners that have been developed . to the grease but calcium sulfonate thickeners provide good anti wear.

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jul 1 2009 . most people think grease is primarily thickener but in actuality it is mostly . be effective if the base stock does not have good oxidative stability.

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lubricants are not my field but i came across a list of thickeners for of . eng tips forums: the best place on the web for engineering.

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you may ask yourself why the selection of a grease thickener is so important to your . thus it is key you determine which thickener is best suited for use in your.

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thickeners and viscosity index improvers are polymeric and are added to reduce lubricant viscosity changes at high and low temperatures. mineral oil.

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form the metal soaps used as thickeners for lubricating grease production. . the best approach is not to put connections and equipment underneath items of.

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i would like to perform some tribological study on water glycol lubricant. could someone help me . yes polyalkylene glycols the best water soluble thickeners.

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the thickener is often referred to as a sponge that holds the lubricant (base oil . they are being selected because of their high dropping points and excellent.

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grease thickeners can be divided into two categories soap and non soap. . calcium provides good water resistance and shear stability at the cost of.